Fall 2014 Edition of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips Out Now!

Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know that the Fall 2014 edition of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips has just been published, and is available to purchase right now.  

There are over 60 new updates since the Summer edition (published June 2014) in the most up-to-date social media book available, and you can find a summary of them here.

Buy your copy at your usual Amazon website. Click a link below:








Tweet me a photo of your Fall 2014 copy of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips with the hashtag #500socialmedia and I'll tweet you  back a little gift :) I'm @andrewmacarthy.

LinkedIn Profile Photo Tips: 8 Examples of Best LinkedIn Profile Pictures

Do you want to make the best first impression on LinkedIn? A high quality, appropriate profile photo is one the best ways to make it happen. Deciding whether or not to have a profile photo on your LinkedIn profile is no-brainer. Not uploading one is a sure fire recipe to professional and networking suicide on the site. I've previously blogged about the types of profiles photos to avoid, so now let's look at ways to make your LinkedIn profile picture shine, and show you some examples to inspire you to improve your own.

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19 Examples of Brands Already Using Hyperlapse for Marketing

When Instagram launched Hyperlapse last week, it didn't take long for some of the biggest brands in the world to jump on board and see what the timelapse-creation app has to offer. It's early days, so what follows aren't by any means spectacular examples of how the app can be used for marketing, but it gives us a good glimpse of the potential. Let's take a look...

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How to Promote A Service on Social Media (Hassle Cleaning Case Study)

 In recent blog posts, I have explored how brands have launched products on social media, and promote products even if they are "boring" in nature. This time, I wanted to take look at a service; companies whose offering is not tangible or photogenic like a product can be. I chose is Hassle,. a company that allows people find and book domestic cleaners online.

Hassle's social media strategy caught my eye because it goes against - in the most effective away - everything you might expect from the marketing of cleaning services, be that on social media or not. Let's take at some examples of how Hassle promotes its service and resonates with customers on Facebook and Twitter:  

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