How to Get Your Social Media Fans in the Mood For Christmas (10 Big Brand Instagram Examples)

For many businesses and brands, Christmas is the busiest and most lucrative time of year. As such, you want to get your holiday-themed messages out there on social media, but there's a fine balance to be had between publishing such posts out there in good time... and pushing them out there too early at the annoyance of your fan base.

One approach - easy to do with a little bit of forethought - is to subtly introduce elements of winter and Christmas into your posts fairly early on, then gradually build up to more "heavy-hitting" stuff as The Big Day approaches. What follows is a series of existing Instagram content from big brands who are doing just that. 

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How to Make Beautiful Slideshare Presentations Quickly With Haiku Deck

Want to create captivating Slideshare presentations for content marketing, brand awareness and knowledge exchange, but hate fiddling with PowerPoint and Keynote or just pressed for time? Haiku Deck could be the solution you have been looking for.

Haiku Deck - a simple and intuitive tool for creating slideshow presentations - has existed as a standalone app on the web and for mobile devices for some time, but earlier this month, Slideshare rolled out the first phase in a partnership with the brand, allowing you to use the tool directly on the Slideshare website in three easy steps:

  1. "Craft your message: Choose the type of slide format you want and simply type your text.
  2. Select outstanding images: Search millions of free, high-quality Creative Commons images to make a powerful statement or upload your own.
  3. Choose a style: Pick from a range of fonts, background colors and design layouts to give your deck the exact look and feel you want." 

Haiku Deck's Slideshare integration currently works best on desktops, so what follows is an overview of what you can expect to find. Hopefully it will encourage you to build your own slideshows to be seen by Slideshare's 70 million+ users.

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How John Lewis Dominated Social Media With its Monty the Penguin Christmas 2014 Advert #MontythePenguin

Here in the UK, the department store John Lewis' Christmas advert is something of an annual cultural event. The commercials are renowned for telling touching, emotional stories centred around the spirit of Christmas giving - as well as signalling, for many, the start of the holiday shopping season. If you aren't familiar with any of the brand's Christmas campaigns, check out recent examples including 2013's Bear and the Hare and 2012's The Journey.

This year, I wanted to take a closer look at how John Lewis built and launched its biggest advertising campaign of the year. It was always going to be a talking point online but, in particular, I wanted to see how the brand utilised social media to maximise exposure for the ad, and start to turn fans and viewers into paying customers. What follows is the story of the run-up to and first 24 hours (and a bit) of John Lewis' Christmas 2014 advertising campaign on social media, with a list of early indicators of success and key takeways for all marketers at the end:

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5 Ways to Use Pinterest Guided Search to Increase Exposure For Business

Do you use Pinterest for business? You will have noticed the recent introduction of a new method of search - Guided Search - on the desktop site. Its benefits for consumers of Pinterest content are obvious, but it also opens up a variety of opportunities for businesses. In this post, I'm going to show you 5 Ways to Use Pinterest Guided Search to Increase Exposure For Business. But first... a quick recap.

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101 Social Media Content Ideas For Business | Video Part 1 of 4 (Ideas 1 - 20)

Recently, I launched a brand new mini site at The idea was to help answer - in one simple list - the question I hear so often from business on social media: "What do I post?" If you want to check the whole list out (including examples), head on over to the link above now.

Alternatively, I will be rolling out the 101 ideas as part of a video series on here, and on my YouTube channel at

Here's Part 1 of that series, Ideas 1-20:

Let me know in the comments if these ideas helped spark your imagination, and look out for Part 2 soon!