Let's Get Popular on Instagram (A Follow-Along Guide For Brands): Part 1 - Introduction and Hashtag Analysis

Using Instagram for business? Want to grow your following and attract passionate new fans and customers? In this blog, I'll show you how to analyse your current Instagram hashtags ready to optimise them for maximum exposure. It's the first step in my own renewed ourney towards Instagram success, and I hope you can join in, too. First, though, a bit of background:

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3 New Twitter Customer Service Features Your Business Needs to Enable

3 New Twitter Customer Service Features Your Business Needs to Enable

3 New Twitter Customer Service Features Your Business Needs to Enable

While Facebook has taken big strides in pushing Messenger as a customer service tool on social media, Twitter has always been a much more renowned destination for customers who want to vent in public. Now, it's stepping up the game by introducing three new tools to help business' handle customer service queries more smoothly:

"These features are designed to help businesses create rich, responsive, full-service experiences that directly advance the work of customer service teams and open up new possibilities for how people engage with businesses on Twitter." - Twitter blog. 

In the blog post, I'll run you through everything you need to know to beef up your customer service game on Twitter. To setup these new features, you need to enable them from the Customer Support menu of your Twitter Dashboard - link here. 

1. Show people your account provides support

When you check this box, the phrase "Provides support" will appear next to your Twitter name in search and compose suggestions. A message button will also be added to your profile. This option is particularly useful if your brand has multiple accounts - one for marketing and another specifically for support, for example - as a way to direct customers where to get help quickest.

2. Add your support hours

In the past, brands would typically include their available hours of support within their main bio text. Now, you can let people know the best time to tweet or DM you with a dedicated line at the top of your profile. 

Tap the "Support hours" button in Settings and enter the hours and days that best suit your business. Don't forget to select your timezone from the drop-down box!

3. Add a Welcome Message

When you add a welcome message, it will appear automatically when people select to DM you from your profile. A welcome message can be used as a quick way to greet customers and let them know how you can help.

Note: In the Tesco example, you'll see that they ask people to select a reason for getting in touch or to enter a specific command - these are Quick Replies. Choosing an option or entering a command will prompt another automatic message to appear, usually asking for more information so that when a customer service representative is ready to handle the query, they have as much useful information to hand as possible. Quick Replies are currently only available to a select group of brands and developers.

Over to you

What do you think of Twitter's new customer service tools? Will you be adding them to your profile? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 New Twitter Customer Service Features Your Business Needs to Enable

3 New Twitter Customer Service Features Your Business Needs to Enable

3 New Twitter Customer Service Features Your Business Needs to Enable

3 New Twitter Customer Service Features Your Business Needs to Enable

Get More YouTube Subscribers: How to Setup Mobile-Friendly End Screen Annotations

We're all familiar with YouTube end cards - static banners placed at the end of a video - a way for content creators to plug other videos, prompt viewers to subscribe, etc. Combined with clickable annotations, they are a decent way to drive engagement. There's just one problem, traditional annotation's don't work on mobile devices.

To solve this problem, YouTube has developed End Screens - a tool to build customised, clickable end cards that offer all the same features as traditional annotations but, crucially, they are mobile-friendly.  Here's everything you need to know about the new circular floating subscribe button (and other elements) including some tips and best practices to get the most out of them.

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How Tasty Gets Billions of Facebook Video Views: 6 Secrets Any Business Can Use

The secret to Tasty's success (and how you can replicate it)

Even if you've never liked Tasty (the Buzzfeed-owned) food brand on Facebook or any other social channel, chances are you will have been exposed to one of its posts, and be familiar with its output. Since launching in 2015, its presence has exploded. Here's a few recent stats:

  • In September 2016, Tasty’s main Facebook page was the third-biggest video account on Facebook with nearly 1.7 billion video views.
  • Viewership per video is staggering: During the last three months, Tasty’s Facebook videos have averaged 22.8 million video views in their first 30 days alone.

Like Tasty's video setup, the thinking behind its social media strategy is deceptively simple. Of course, not every brand will have the resources to pump out videos daily or promote them with high-budget ads, but in this blog post I'll show you - by studying Tasty's output on Facebook and quoting the people directly behind Tasty's success - how you can take that same ingenious strategy and apply it to your business, whatever industry you are in. Ready? Let's go! 

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