Fall 2014 Edition of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips Out Now!

Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know that the Fall 2014 edition of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips has just been published, and is available to purchase right now.  

There are over 60 new updates since the Summer edition (published June 2014) in the most up-to-date social media book available, and you can find a summary of them here.

Buy your copy at your usual Amazon website. Click a link below:








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Download my new book, The Guide to Social Media Images For Business, for FREE!

Hi everyone,

My new book, The Guide to Social Media Images For Business, is now FREE for Kindle for a limited time only. Download it now at your local Amazon store (link below):

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No Kindle e-reader? 
Don't worry, you can read it on your smartphone, PC, or Mac using the free Kindle apps, available here:http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000493771

This offer ends on Sunday, so be quick!  

500 Social Media Marketing Tips 2013 'Trailer'

It's been a long time since I put together the first 'trailer' to support 500 Social Media Marketing Tips, so I thought it was about time to give it another go. Here is the result:

The presentation was made in Prezi, and screen recorded to create the video. Not sure about using my own voice for the narration, but it'll have to do for now. A few people have suggested I include review excerpts to make the product more appealing  I definitely agree with that and will look to feature them in the next version.

What do you think? I'm fairly happy with how it came out, considering it only took a couple of hours and was produced on a budget of zero. Now to share across social media for some extra feedback and promotion.


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500 Social Media Marketing Tips Breaks Top 1,000 Kindle Books on Amazon

A quick check of my Amazon Author Central sales rankings for Amazon.co.uk showed today that 500 Social Media Marketing Tips had broken into the top 1,000 books on the UK Kindle Store for the first time ever! At the time of writing, it sits at position #993. I know it probably won't stay there for long, so I want to enjoy it while it lasts!

Amazon says that there are over 400,000 books on the UK Kindle store, which means 500 Social Media Marketing Tips is in the top 0.25% of all titles.

To go from 0 sales and a ranking in the hundreds of thousands to reach #993 in the 8 months since the book was released is absolutely crazy to me.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me by buying the book, liking it on Facebook, following me on Twitter or Pinterest, or watching my videos on YouTube!