How I Increased My YouTube Subscriber Rate by 97% in One Month


At the beginning of November, I started an experiment with YouTube's Invideo Programming feature. By turning the interactive watermark into a call to action that appeared throughout the entirety of all my videos (it reads "FREE Social Media Tutorials"), I wanted to see if it had a positive impact on the rate that I attracted new subscribers. After just 7 days, my net gain of new subscribers had jumped by over 100 per cent, from 10 in the week before Invideo Programming was added to 23 the week after.

It's now been a full two months since the experiment started, and now I have the data to compare the whole of November to the whole of December. And the results are still really promising!


In November 2012, I gained 40 subscribers and lost 4, giving me a net gain of 36. Not bad, not bad. 


Now here's December, and wow! I gained 73 new subscribers, lost just two, giving me a net gain of 71 new subscribers - that's an extra 35 people and a 97 per cent increase over November!

As I mentioned last time around, these figures can be influenced by several factors, including subscribers gained on new videos during the test period, as well as those gained on old videos in the same length of time. However, this rise in subscribers is considerably more than I have seen since I started posting videos on YouTube in the spring of 2012.

I'll keep you posted on how things develop into 2013!

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