How to Make a 360 Degrees Vine Video #360vine


One of the great things about Vine is, though the app is so simple to use, you can produce some really great effects and engaging content from it. One of these is the 360 degree Vine. Making one is fairly simple. Before I show you how, here's the result of one of my recent attempts:

How to Make a 360 Degrees Vine Video

The trick to making a 360 vine video is to point the camera at a fixed point as you film. In my case, the fixed point was the top and centre of my book. To make lining up the shot easier as you rotate around the subject, place a small piece of tape on your phone's screen and mark it with a dot, as above. As you record, keep the dot in the same place for every short burst of footage.

Bonus Tips

  • The shorter each tap/press of recording each "frame" is, the smoother your 360 degree Vine video will be.
  • For a longer and more dramatic Vine, position the camera further away from the subject as you move around it. 
  • To record a smooth 360 degree rotation, strap your camera to something that will move with little friction, like a glass, or a toy car. 
  • To ensure as perfect a circular recording as possible, mark out your path beforehand. One easy way to do this is to tie a pencil to the end of a piece of string and pin the non-pencilled end down where your subject will be positioned. Then, pull the string taut and draw to mark the circumference of your circle.
  • When you post your Vine video, add the hashtag #360vine to group it with similar videos and make it more discoverable. 


That's all there is to it! If you found this tutorial helpful and are inspired to make your own 360 Vine, I'd love to see the result. Tweet me @500socialmedia with your creations! 


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