How to Make A Viral Vine Video For Business | 6 Ways to Make Viral Vine Marketing

How to Make A Viral Vine Video For Business | 6 Ways to Make Viral Vine Marketing

How to Make A Viral Vine Video For Business | 6 Ways to Make Viral Vine Marketing

Have you experimented with Vine for marketing? The Twitter-owned six-second-video app is used by some of the world's biggest companies to reach their target audiences, and the most popular Vines are seen by millions of people. Here are six ways that you can help make your Vine videos go viral, along with real-life examples to inspire you:

1. Be Useful

Lowe's Fix In Six Vine marketing campaign decribed itself as "a collection of clever improvements that make life at home a little easier." And six seconds is all it needed to teach viewers stuff like how to  remove water stains with a lemon, how to prevent squirrels raiding your bird feeder, and how to use talcum powder to stop your floors from squeaking. Not only were the clips helpful, but they are beautifully shot and eye-grabbing in their use of stop-motion animation.

2. Collaborate

This one obviously works best if you have connections further up the Vine chain than you currently stand, but inviting popular Vine users to collaborate and produce Vines for your own channel can really help to bring you more exposure. In this example, Virgin Mobile teams up with Nash Grier (over 7 million followers at the time of writing) to produce a series of phone-related clips.

3. Feature your customers

There's no better way to make a customer feel special and spread positive social proof about your brand than to revine their clips about your company. In the above example, Disney Parks shares a fun clip about the feelings people have for their theme parks; emotions that will resonate with tons of others, encouraging them to share the Vine too.

4. Be Funny

Some of the most shareable videos on Vine are the ones that make people laugh, or even just smile. In the above example from Dunkin' Donuts made to promote its Peep-topped donuts, all it took was the "peep" sound at the end to make me crack a smile, and want to introduce the clip to others. The clip might be simple and "stupid", but it works!

5. Have the "cool" factor

With such a small window of time to capture the attention of a Vine user,  an eye-catching clip with an idea that makes someone say "cool!" is much more likely to get your creation shared. In the example above, Ford advertises its Mustang by taking a miniature version of the motor on a cruise around San Francisco. 

6. Share and encourage sharing

A Vine video rarely goes viral in isolation, so make sure to share your creation on other social networks - especially Twitter, where the clip will play ((and can be retweeted) directly within the news feed, as Oreo has done above. You may even want to upload the raw video file to Instagram and Facebook (with a link to the original upload underneath). If it feels right, you might also want to include a call to action to ask people to share your vine, but clips with true viral potential shouldn't need it.


Do you use Vine for marketing, and have any of your videos gone viral? Or has his blog inspired you and you are going to give it a go? Let me know in the comments below!

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