5 Ways to Use Vine App For Marketing Your Business | How to Use Vine App For Marketing


Twitter's recent acquisition of Vine has seen the micro-video app shoot up the charts in the iPhone App and Google Play stores, but it isn't just individuals taking advantage of its increasing popularity - brands can get in on the act, too. Here are  5 Ways to Use Vine for Marketing Your Business:

1. Engage With Customers Personally

When one Twitter user tweeted Red Vines promising to buy 5 of the brand's products if they re-tweeted her message, Red Vines responded with the above Vine video, promising to send a bunch of freebies in return. The whole process would probably only cost them a few minutes and couple of dollars, but the brand loyalty and good feeling towards them as a result is worth a whole lot more.

2. Show Behind the Scenes

Vine's short videos are perfect for showing quick snippets from behind the scenes in your office or workplace, to help forge a closer relationship between you and your customers by making them feel like they are getting a look at something that is otherwise off limits. In the above example, English Premier League soccer team, Southampton FC, gives us a glimpse into one of their training sessions before a game.

3. Promote Products

Vine's six-second videos are the perfect length for creatives to conjour up a quick commercial to promote a brand's product. In the above clip, Orville Redenbachers leapfrogs onto the back of Superbowl XLVII to promote its Pop Crunch popcorn as the perfect accompaniment to the big game. As with all social networks, keep 'hard selling' like this to a minimum, but definitely work it into your content creation strategy.

4. Preview and Tease Content

Vine provides a great method of previewing content to your audience, as Rolling Stone magazine has done in the above clip, as it teases us with the cover of its newest issue. If your content is web-based, why not include a shortened URL in the video description or in the clip itself?

5. Have Fun, Create Shareable Content

Funny and shareable content is the type that gets liked, commented, and re-tweeted the most, so definitely pepper your Vine output with clips that show you and your brand having fun, not necessarily trying to sell products = that will hopefully come as a result. In the above example, Jimmy Fallon plays on the novelty of the app itself in a clip that garnered over 350 favorites and re-tweets in less than 24 hours.


Will you be incorporating Vine into your social media marketing strategy? Let me know in the comments or via the links below!


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