The Facebook Passion Page Project Part 1: What is A Passion Page?


What is the Passion Page project? 

The Passion Page project is a multi-part blog post series in which I'll be telling the story of the launch, growth, and hopeful monetisation of a Facebook Page, with very  little investment, both monetary and time-wise. My hope is that this will be a success, and that you will be able to replicate the process too.

In this first part, I'd like to introduce the concept of Passion Pages, explain how they differ from ordinary Facebook Pages, and why they could be lucrative for you and your brand. Without further ado, let's go... 

What are Passion Pages? 

Chances are that you have already encountered plenty of Passion Pages on Facebook, and you might even interact with them regularly. They're Pages that, rather than focus on a specific brand or product, instead post content that is centered around a specific theme or idea, either serious or silly - but mostly the latter. Two popular examples include "Welcome to the Internet" and "I fucking love science"

Why should businesses care?

Passion Pages are home to some of the most liked, commented-on, and shared content on all of Facebook. As a brand, it can sometimes be hard to juggle to image that you want to convey of yourself on your Facebook Page against the desire to post content that, however shallow (cute cats, sarcastic quotes, random funny images) will garner attention, and hopefully earn you some return on investment. This is where Passion Pages come in.

Passion Pages allow brands a separate space to experiment with different types of content - often light-hearted - without the risk of upsetting their existing fan base, but also provide an opportunity to subtly nudge viewers in the direction of your core Page or to introduce new revenue streams on the Passion Page itself. 

Think of Passion Pages as the Pinterest-y board side of Facebook; a place where companies can shine of the spotlight on the wider culture of their niche, however weird and wonderful that might be. To make up an example or two, McDonald's could launch a Passion Page called "I hate gherkins in my burgers" or one from Home Depot could be called "Epic DIY Fails." 

Coming up: The story of my own Passion Page

I launched my own Passion Page on Facebook in June 2013. With a very small initial investment, at the time of writing has over 2,500 fans, nearly 3,500 engaged users per week, a weekly reach close t 40,000 people, and attracts over 50 new fans per day.

 In the next part of this series, I'll be lifting the lid on my Passion Page, with a story of its history up to the present day.

 Will you be joining me on my Passion Page journey? Let me know in the comments below!

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