Marco Marco bases its social media marketing on #thingsorganizedneatly - and the content is stunning

The #thingsorganizedneatly hashtag is one of several that have exploded into popular use on Instagram, characterized by a top-down snap of, well, things organized neatly. Tons of brands are already using the idea as an interesting and eye-catching strategy that is central to marketing strategy, but not many go to the lengths of Marco Marco, a Singapore-based restaurant that specialises in paninis and pasta, so let's take a closer look...

This is Marco Marco restaurant in Singapore. Very nice it looks, too...

To promote its food, Marco Marco meticulously arranges the ingredients from each dish with the #thingsorganizedneatly hashtag. Here are a few examples:

The shots are so carefully composed, that the almost look Photoshopped, but a series of behind-the-scenes photos (also shared on Instagram) show the care and effort that is involved. 

The #thingsorganizedneatly trend carries over to Marco Marco's Facebook Page, too:

I particularly like how the wider shots also give room to list the ingredients with text and also include a photo of the finished dish:


Marco Marco hasn't been open all that long, so the engagement its photos are getting aren't incredibly high, but I'm sure that will change if the reputation for its impressive visual storytelling continues. All in all, its impressive use of the #thingsorganizedneatly hashtag helps to grab people's attention, as well as conveying the time and passion that the restaurant has for its food - a tactic that is much more likely to lead to future custom via social media than any hard selling would.

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