How to Bulk Edit YouTube Videos With Bulk Actions | Edit Multiple Uploads at Once


YouTube has recently launched a very helpful feature for content creators, which allows them to edit numerous parameters across multiple videos all at the same time. Called Bulk Actions, it removes much of the hassle of editng stuff like the descriptions, privacy, and comment settings on one video at a time. Here's how to use YouTube Bulk Actions:


1. Inside Video Manager, check the videos you want to edit in bulk and choose 'Advanced' from the Actions drop-down menu.


2. Select the parameters you want to edit in bulk from the next drop-down menu. You have to select them one at a time, but you can choose as many as you like to add to a list of parameters that will all be changed at the same time.


3. Make the required changes to each parameter, e.g. Description, Privacy, and Ratings in the above example. When done, click 'Submit'.

And that's it! How useful will you find YouTube Bulk Actions for editing multiple videos at a time? Let me know in the comments below!

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