How to Make Secret Board on Pinterest | Create Private Hidden Pinterest Board

In November 2012, Pinterest added a new 'Secret Boards' feature that allows users to create up to three boards that can be kept private - up until now, all boards were automatically public. This feature is great if you want to keep stuff like a list of secret gifts hidden, or for businesses, prepare a Pinterest promotional campaign in advance of it going live.

There are two ways to create a Secret Pinterest Board

1. Scroll to the bottom of your boards and click on one of the three 'Create Secret Board' buttons.

2. Create a new board from the 'Add' menu and make sure to click the Secret Board slider to 'on'.

To prevent re-pins disappearing all over the site, there are two caveats:

1. You can't convert any existing boards into Secret ones.

2. Once you make Secret board public (just edit the board and switch the Secret Board slider to 'Off'), you cannot make it private again - for the same reasons as in point 1.

How will you be using the new Secret Pinterest boards feature to keep your stuff hidden? Comment to let me know!