How to Embed An Instagram Video on Your Blog or Site in 3 Steps | Instagram Video Embed Code


Instagram video gives individuals and brands a great new way to produce fresh and exciting content to their fans and followers to view within the app and via, but what if you want to embed an Instagram clip on your blog or website? There is no official method at the time of writing this, but there is a pretty simple workaround. Below, you'll learn how to embed an Instagram video in three simple steps. 

1. Grab the URL of your video

Visit your Instagram profile on the web at, click on the video that you want to embed, then copy its unique URL from your browser's address bar.

2. Generate the embed code

Visit, paste the unique URL you copied into the box here, and click the Generate Code button. 

3. Embed the code on your blog or website

Copy the generated code and paste it as HTML into your blog post or onto your website. The result will look like my example above.  The default size of the video is 640 x 640 pixels, but you can change this by editing the height and width in the code. Lastly, if you're feeling courteous, do leave the "Embed Your Own Instagram Videos" link in at the bottom, to give instaembed the credit it deserves. 

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