How to Launch A Product Using Social Media (Mahabis Slippers Case Study)

If you'd mentioned the word "slipper" to me a couple of months ago, my first thought would have been of a drab, old-fashioned item of footwear (flowery design for women, checked for men), most likely to be worn by my parents of grandparents. That was until I stumbled across Mahabis, a British company who proclaims to be "reinventing the slipper // for everyday adventures," and my original notion has completely changed.

Mahabis has spent over a year building interest in its brand and product up to its launch, and their use of social marketing really caught my eye. What follows is just a sample of what Mahabis has been up to in social spaces, and I'm sure that a great many of you reading will be inspired by their approach and be able to weave some of the ideas into your own strategy.

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