How to Create And Use Instagram Location Tags to Drive Customers to Your Business

When browsing Instagram, you'll notice that many people's images, videos and stories are tagged with specific locations - most often their business name or locale. Tagging your Instagram posts with a location can be a great way to increase exposure for your business.  In this post, I'll explain how and highlight specific examples for you to try.

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Let's Get Popular on Instagram (A Follow-Along Guide For Brands): Part 1 - Introduction and Hashtag Analysis

Using Instagram for business? Want to grow your following and attract passionate new fans and customers? In this blog, I'll show you how to analyse your current Instagram hashtags ready to optimise them for maximum exposure. It's the first step in my own renewed ourney towards Instagram success, and I hope you can join in, too. First, though, a bit of background:

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Awesome Hashtag Shortcut Trick for Instagram; Create Instant Hashtag Lists

Always typing out the same bunch of hashtags on Instagram? If you're like me, typing the same "base" group of hashtags out for every post (even with the pre-populated list that appears) can be a bit of a drag. Need a time-saver? Here's a way to add as many hashtags as you like to your caption in a second, using text shortcuts.

Note: This method works for iPhone, but I'd guess there is a  similar function for Android too.

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How to Shoot Shareable Instagram Photos: Real Life Good vs Bad Examples

How to Shoot Shareable Instagram Photos: Real Life Good vs Bad Examples

How to Shoot Shareable Instagram Photos: Real Life Good vs Bad Examples

Do you use Instagram for business? Do you want to shoot photos that receive more likes and shares? The most popular Instagram photos evoke a strong emotion in viewers, are inspirational, aspirational, and eye-catching. With just a few simple tweaks, you can improve the quality of the photos you take, and drive more engagement with your content. Let's take a look, using real life examples to demonstrate. In each case, ask yourself which

1.  Context is important

Let's say you're in the business of selling accessories for the home. Customers will most likely be drawn to photos that show how your items fit into their own spaces. shop_juliecouch's photo is rather uninspiring (the lamp even still has its plastic packaging!), while hkliving's shot is carefully staged, colour co-ordinated, and eye-catching.

2.  Get the lighting right

Taking the time to light a photo properly (or improve the lighting in post production) can make a huge difference to the quality of your content. Both photos above serve to show off a printer, but Canon France's shot - lit well - is much more appealing to the eye.

3. Play with lines and shapes

Some of the most popular Instagram posts include arrangements, patterns, and shapes that are pleasing to the eye. In the above examples, jampaper's photo is colourful and neat, but there's something about the angles and composition of juliamanchik's composition that people find innately appealing.

4. Think about composition


When you publish a photo, it should be obvious to viewers what the main focus of the image should be. In kellygerland's photo, the black dog is lost against the dark sofa and dominated by the banner on the wall. Meanwhile, kaianatural's photo has the office dog as centre of attention (even looking at the camera lens!), with very little dead space in the rest of the shot.

5. Have fun and be creative

Above all, the most successful Instagram images from brands are those that connect with  your customers in a way that only you as a business owner know best. Fun, creative, and inspirational, or aspirational content - well planned and shot - is nearly always a winner.

Over to you

Have these pointers inspired you to look again at your Instagram strategy? Or do you already but these ideas into practice? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Easy Ways to Use New Instagram Explore & Search to Grow Your Business

Last month, Instagram rolled out two major improvements to the Search and Explore functions of its app; changes that confirm its ambitions to truly compete with rivals like Twitter. In a nutshell:

The upgraded Explore now surfaces trends as they emerge in real-time, connecting you to events and conversations both near you and around the globe. Meanwhile, the Search function now features a Places tab, which allows you to search for any location on Earth to find and interact with photos and videos that have been tagged there. On a related note, the new Top Search tab will return all the most popular content from any particular location.

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