7 Ways to Use Any Holiday to Drive Sales Through Facebook and Instagram (Bloom & Wild Mother's Day Case Study)

I'm really not very good at choosing flowers, let alone describing to a florist what I think the recipient would like. So for Valentine's Day this year, I pinned my hopes on Bloom & Wild - a  company that delivers bunches of fresh flowers through your letterbox. Thankfully, they pulled through and my wife loved the bouquet.

I, however, was more interested in their social media marketing. And with Mother's Day coming up here in the UK, I wanted to analyse how they promote what must be one of Wild and Bloom's biggest dates of the year.

In this blog post, I've highlighted - with examples - 7 ways that Wild & Bloom uses Mother's Day to drive sales through social media. The same premise could be adapted and used for almost any brand, so let's take a look.

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101 Social Media Post Ideas for Business: Increase Engagement & Never Run of Content Again

One of the most difficult tasks for a social media manager is constantly coming up with fresh and exciting ideas for your social media profiles. When you've got 365 days to fill and often multiple time-slots to fill, that's one tricky task. Of course, post recycling can go a long way to plugging the gaps, but if you need some new and and exciting ideas to inspire you,  this post will help!

Below, you'll find a mighty 101 social media post ideas for business. Some are obvious, some less so, but all are paired with a real-life example from big brands to show you how you could go how you might want to create something similar. Ready? Let's go.

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How to STAND OUT on Social Media With Effective Visual Branding (Eve Mattresses Case Study)

Does your brand have a strong visual presence on social media channels? Do you want to increase brand recognition online?

Using consistent visual design elements in your social media marketing efforts helps people to spot your updates in busy news feeds while simultaneously showing off your business' personality. Ask yourself the following question: Given one quick glance (and that's all most social media content gets!), can people spot your brand amongst dozens of others?

In this blog post, I'll show you examples from Eve, a mattress manufacturer - and how it uses colour, fonts, and composition to make its brand stand out on social, and to convey its core messages. 

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10 "Feel Good Friday" Post Ideas That Fans Will Love You For

One of the tried and tested ways to conjure up great content for your social media profiles is to give each day a theme - like Motivation Mondays or Throwback Thursdays. In this post, I'm going to give you 10 example ideas for posts on a Friday. By tapping into the mindset of your audience - tired and weary at the end of a working week - your brand can deliver the "pick me up" they need, or the catalyst that drives them happily into the weekend. Without further ado, let's get started:

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5 Ways to Use Timely and Topical Events to Drive Engagement on Social Media (Innocent Case Study)

Topical events provide brands with an endless, predictable  stream of inspiration for content on social media. As they often tie into the lives of your audience, they're always pretty popular, so it's handy to have a bank of pre-prepared posts that you can schedule for different occasions.

Innocent, the smoothie drinks company, produces some of my favourite examples of "bandwagonning" onto topical and timely events; tailoring the branding and tone to their audience. Take a look at 5 of their most recent examples and use them as inspiration for your own strategy.

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