5 Strategies to Make Effective Pinterest Content Super Quickly

5 Strategies to Make Effective Pinterest Content Super Quickly

5 Strategies to Make Effective Pinterest Content Super Quickly

Creating brilliant content for social media - especially for multiple platforms - can be a real time sink. I'm a big advocate for re-purposing content to save time and conserve energy for other tasks. After all, why put all that effort in and not make the most out of what you create.

In a recent blog, Pinterest revealed several strategies for re-purposing images from other social networks to turn them into content perfect for your Pinterest feed - the type of visuals proven to perform better on the platform - specifically, vertical format images. Below, I've picked out some of these ideas (along with a few of my own) and mocked up examples to show you how they could work in the real world.

They're simple, quick, and effective, so let's take a look.

1. Crop a Facebook ad image

Facebook ad images are, with nothing more than a quick crop, can be transformed into ideal content for Pinterest. In this example, you can see a Facebook image by Mahabis alongside a cropped version that would work just as nicely as a narrow Pinterest pin. Add in the logo, et voila.

2. Stack multiple Instagram images

Oftentimes, brands will post multiple Instagram images linked by a theme. In the case of Omega below, it shared several images to show off its product links to the Olympic Games in Rio, along with brand ambassadors. In the second image, I have stacked four of these images to create a post that would work great on Pinterest, turning four squares into one large collage.

Where pertinent, use a tool like Photoshop or Canva to add a text overlay. In an A/B test by Pinterest, a multi-product Pin with text overlay had 7 times more engagement than a Pin with a single product.

3. Re-purpose a website or email newsletter banner

Website banners and email header images can be a great source of quick Pinterest content, with a little bit of editing magic. Take the first image below,  a banner from Ray-Ban's website advertising four steps to buying custom shades. By chopping the image up and stacking the elements together - as seen in the second image below - I created a new piece of content that is perfect for Pinterest.

4. Share Twitter Testimonials

Typically, Pinterest isn't the first place where your customers will go to rave about their experience with your product or service, but if you do receive high praise (such as on Twitter), why not gather a few of the testimonials together and use them in one single Pinterest post? In the example below, I have stacked three separate testimonials for the restaurant, Nando's. With a bit of branding and a clever caption, this kind of social proof can be just as powerful as any carefully-crafted ad image.

5. Dont' forget GIFs

Despite the explosion in popularity of GIFs on social media, they make up only a small proportion of content on Pinterest. Whether it's a GIF you have made specially for another platform, or if you re-purpose a video down into a few of its most engaging seconds, a nice GIF can really help your brand stand out on Pinterest. Make an eye-catching loop, demo a product, etc.

Over to you

What strategies do you use to re-purpose content for Pinterest? Will you be making use of any of the ideas above? Let me know in the comments below!

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