How to Create a "Reveal" Effect on Vine App | Vine Marketing for Business Tutorial


As things stand, the Vine app's editing and effects options are extremely limited (read: non-existent). This being the case, it has forced video makers to get inventive with the ways that they use the app and to create videos and "special effects." One of the easiest visual effects to make using Vine is the "reveal." 

Above is a quick example of the "reveal" effect I put together. All you need to do is cover the lens of the camera with a piece of paper or card, then, whilst recording, slide it off the lens slowly to let the light flood in. What you get is something like the video above. 

Note: Make sure you keep the paper or card held flat and tight against the camera lens before you record, otherwise you'll have some light creeping in, like I do at the start of my Vine above. It doesn't ruin the overall recording, but it's not quite perfect.

And that's really all there is to it! You can use this effect to give a magical reveal to anything you like... new products, new ad campaigns, profiles of your staff... whatever you can think of.


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