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YouTube has begun to roll out a new channel layout, which it is calling the One Channel design. At the time of writing (March 1st, 2013), the new layout is in limited beta to a select few people, but will soon be available to all. In this post, you will find a few tips to help you prepare your channel to make the most of the new layout, as well as Photoshop .psd template to help you quickly and easily create artwork that fits the new layout and displays optimally on all devices, from smartphones to massive HD televisions. 


Above is an example of the new YouTube One Channel template, which you can see is a lot more minimalist in fashion than the current layout. The artwork features the channel's profile photo to the left and links to the channel's website and social media profiles on the right. This particular design is the desktop display, but the One Channel layout's art will display differently depending on the device the site is being viewed on, so your art and template must be prepared accordingly.

Now here's the template for the One Channel layout. YouTube recommends uploading an image that is 2120 x 1192 pixels in size. The area shaded green covers the art that will be seen on TVs, the yellow (full width of image) covers the maximum that will be seen on desktop, the blue area marks the boundaries of the design seen on tablets, and the pink rectangle marks the space where the art work will be seen at a minimum on desktops, and on mobile devices.

In the above example, I have edited the template to feature a design that sits only within the safe (pink) zone, which will show on all devices, from televisions to smartphones. Your art could spread across the whole area of the template - where I just have white - but it is crucial that the most important portion of the design (i.e. the one you want all viewers to see) is within the safe (pink) zone.

I hope this blog post has given you a little better understanding of the new YouTube One Channel Layout. 

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