FREE YouTube Subscribe Button PSD 2013 - Large Size Download


For some time now, YouTube has been sporting a new "Subscribe"  button on the site. Gone is the bright yellow, and in is a more stylish grey and red design that more closely matches the site's design.


A lot of people (including myself) place a Subscribe button at the end screen of their videos, and overlay it with a spotlight annotation to encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel. Only problem is, there didn't seem to be a nice, big version of the new Subscribe button design around to use. So with the tiny "Subscribe" button from a YouTube video page and a little Photoshop magic, I designed one myself - a large YouTube Subscribe button for 2013. 

Here's the original (120 x 26 pixels):  



And here's my copycat attempt (2496 x 530 pixels): 

I'll be the first to admit that the image isn't an exact  copy... unfortunately my Photoshop skills don't extend that far at present, but it's pretty similar, and certainly better than the big ol' yellow monstrosity I'm using at the moment! Feel free to right-click and Save this image for use in your own YouTube videos or download the transparent PSD file from the following link:  - hover your mouse over the image and click the 'Download' icon.  Link down? Tweet me @500socialmedia and I'll upload a new one!

If you know someone else who might benefit from this button, please share it with them. 



Here's how the Subscribe button looks on my current YouTube end-screen. I hope you'll use it on yours too! 



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