I'm Andrew Macarthy, a social media consultant based in Swansea, Wales, in the UK. I am the author of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips , the Amazon Web Marketing #1 Bestseller for the Kindle e-book platform, and in paperback.

Through my book, blog, video tutorials, and consultancy work, I have helped thousands of individuals and businesses to build, grow, and maintain a great social media strategy. I'd love to help you too! 


My Social Media Story 


After several years in blogging and a side-step into copywriting and e-learning design for big business, I was made redundant at the beginning of 2012.

I  had developed a passion for social media since its emergence and rise in the mid 2000s, and finding myself unemployed, noticed a gap in the market to help businesses who could benefit from a reference point for simple, practical advice to help them create, maintain, and boost their social media marketing efforts. After a couple of months of research and writing, I published the first edition of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips for Kindle in March 2012.

I did not have any expectations about how well the book might sell (or even if it would sell at all!), but within a few months it had risen to the #1 spot in the Web Marketing category on Amazon UK, and a little later the same happened on Amazon.com in the US, outselling works by famous marketing authors and those in the For Dummies  franchise. As of summer 2016, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips has sold over 70,000 copies.

The Kindle version of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips is updated with fresh and revised content every month, and this update is free to download. The paperback version, meanwhile, gets a refresh every quarter.

Work With Me

If you would like to hire me to help you with your social media strategy, please see the 'Hire Me' page for more information, and get in touch via the Contact Me page, by e-mail or any of the social networks listed below.

I wish you every success with your social media marketing endevours!