5 Ways to Use Multiple Twitter Images for Social Media Marketing


The roll out of the ability to upload multiple images per tweet on Twitter makes the site's growing emphasis on videos even greater. For brands that think creatively, Twitter's multiple image uploads, and the way the pics display, opens up a new avenue for social media marketing opportunities. Here are 5 Ways to Use Multiple Twitter Images for Social Media Marketing...

1. General Electric uses multiple images to share a poignant message: 

By segmenting the content across for different images, each with compelling visuals, General Electric causes fans to stop and digest each quadrant, and therefore delivers a more powerful message.

2. The MLB uses multiple images to showcase snapshots from its baseball matches

Sports events give the perfect opportunity to tell a visual story, and it looks like the MLB is keen to start doing this via multiple Twitter images. You can do the same by highlighting some of the stand out moments from any event or activity you host or attend.

3. Naked Juice uses multiple images to lay out a visual guide for a treat to make using its product...

Being useful and valuable to your fans is so important on social media, and Naked Juice proves it worth by providing this little "recipe" laid out in multiple Twitter images. By showing (via photos) instead of telling (via text), it is able to deliver a much more engaging piece of content.

4. Mountain Dew uses multiple images to ask a question and offer suggestions...

The easier you make a question to answer on social media, the more engagement you are likely to receive. Mountain Dew goes for this approach in this example of multiple Twitter images. Although it asks for answers outside of those it lists, posing a question where each of the four images is a response (A, B, C, D) might encourage even more fans to respond.

5. Taco Bell uses multiple images to retweet and showcase customer testimonials of its products (even if it is from another brand)...

There's no greater form of social proof than spotlighting customers enjoying your product or service. If you retweet their original post rather than submitting one of your own - as Taco Bell has done above  - then the ripple effect of a positive response may reach an even wider audience once the person in question sees you have featured them and wants to spread the news to their friends.

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