Facebook Cover Photo Template Updated November 2013


Following the recent roll out of new versions of the Facebook app for iOS and Android, I re-visited my social media templates to see what changes might need to be made. It turned out that the Facebook Cover Photo Template for Desktops and Mobiles definitely needed editing, and so I set to work. The finished result has been available on my Social Media Templates page for a good while now, but here are an overview of the amendments made.

Facebook app for iOS


As you can see from the above screenshot, the position of the iOs Facebook app's profile photo is considerably lower than the view shown on desktops. Previously, it overlapped a lot more of the cover photo, so I have edited the template to reflect its lower position

Android Facebook App


Interestingly, my tests with the Android Facebook app cover photo showed that it did not fit the 851 x 315 pixels dimensions of its desktop cousin when blown up to that size. When the width is kept the same, the height is noticeably less. As a result, I have added two guidelines to prevent your design from being cropped as mine is in the example above. The positions of the Page name and Page category have also changed, so I have amended their place on the template, too. However, as Page names and categories differ, the actual area that is covered when your cover photo is published will do as well.


My Facebook cover photo templates, as well as several others for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram, are all available for download. The download will cost just a few bucks. Click here to download.