5 Unique Ways to Feature Fans And Increase Brand Loyalty on Social Media (Five Guys Case Study)

Do you want to inspire your fans and customers to become true brand ambassadors on social media? One of the best ways to help do this is to make them feel a part of your "tribe" by featuring them regularly.

Burger and fries restaurant chain, Five Guys, does a really good job of this - and in several unique ways that make the moment that little bit more special. Check out 5 different examples below and think about how you might be able to incorporate a similar strategy into the content of your own business:

1. Fan of the Week (With Hashtag Submission)

Every Friday, Five Guys highlights a fan of the week on its social media - its Five Guys Fanatic, along with a quote from the customer in question. Fans can put themselves in the running to become a Five Guys Fanatic by posting a photo of themselves eating at Five Guys, complete with the #fiveguysfanatic hashtag. 

2. Thanking Fans (With A Collage)

Five Guys regularly takes a moment just to thank its fans for their support and loyalty. Rather than a generic "thank you" image, I really like the way that the burger chain has incorporated  a collage of its fans within the letters of the words.

3. Sharing Positive Feedback (As a Quote Image)

Word of mouth marketing is at the core of social media, and Five Guys harnesses positive sentiment by turning compliments from its customers into image quotes. I like the way that it highlights some of the most powerful words, and gives credit with the customers' Twitter handle.

4. Product Testing (As A Sweepstakes)

Five Guys has begun to introduce milkshakes to a select number of its locations, and has roped its customers in to help them set the menu. Cleverly, the campaign involves customers submitting photos of themselves trying the drink, with a chance to become one of the brand's Official Five Guys Milkshake Testers and win a t-shirt:

"Be recognized as an Official Five Guys Milkshake Tester! Create your own milkshake at a participating store and share it with us by uploading your photo by clicking here and captioning it with the #ShareYourShake hashtag. Every Friday, we'll spotlight one submission and reward this shake master with a special t-shirt."

5. Sharing Artwork (Created By Customers)

Each Five Guys restaurant features a cork board and crayons so that customers can doodle while they eat. I think it's mostly for the kids, but that doesn't stop adults getting involved too. Five Guys selects some of these drawings - and posts them on its social media pages with the hashtag #fiveguysartwork.

Over to you

What do you think of Five Guys' tactics for featuring their fans and inspiring brand loyalty? Will you be giving any of the ideas a try? Let me know in the comments below!#

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