See How Doritos and Taco Bell Won Valentine's Day on Snapchat (And how DirecTV and Intel failed)

Love was in the air on Valentine's Day for both Doritos and Taco bell, who in my opinion, "won" with their promotions for the mini-holiday on Snapchat. Their approaches were very different, but equally as powerful. Let's take a look at their Stories:

Doritos UK used Valentine's Day as a way to promote its product with a series of pun-ny one-liners:


Taco Bell, on the other hand, pulled at its followers' heartstrings with a pure love story...


I thought both of these campaigns were funny and effective. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for DirecTV and Intel, whose own Valentine's Day snaps were embarrassingly poor.

I know they're not really "luvvy-duvvy" brands... 


... but really?


Did you use Snapchat for a Valentine's Day promotion? Show it off to me in the comments below!


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