How to Use Screenshots and Chat for Snapchat Contests (McDonald's Case Study)

Since the launch of Snapchat Chat back in May 2014, I've been intrigued to discover some of the ways that companies take advantage of it for marketing purposes. Customer service and super-exclusive conversations with brands are two of the more obvious applications, but McDonald's latest promotion is noteworthy in how it uses screenshots and Chat to encourage and receive creative entries for its Mario Kart-themed contest. Let's take a look at how it works:

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Snapchat Contest Ideas: GrubHub's "Spot the Bacon"

Here's a quick and inventive idea for you to run a contest on Snapchat, courtesy of GrubHub. Take a look at its "Spot the Bacon" Snapchat story:

It offered 10 fans the chance to win $50 of GrubHub vouchers by challenging them to spot and screenshot the word "bacon" in its story, then e-mail their pic to be entered. A selection of different t-shirts appear in quick succession for users to screen grab, and the effect is easily created by stitching together several short snaps to create a Snapchat story.

What do you think? Will you be trying this tactic out with your own Snapchat fans?

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