The 5 Elements of a Successful YouTube Video


Now more than ever, people are turning to video content to be informed and entertained on the web. And for brands who want to take advantage of this massive opportunity for exposure, an established YouTube presence is crucial.

1. Grab Attention (3-6 seconds)
Show a teaser of what’s to come or say why a viewer should keep watching.

2. Title Screen (3-6 seconds)
Brand your video with a slick intro - an animated logomusic and effects.

3. Main Content (1-5 minutes) 
Deliver the bulk of your video. Depending on the content, keep it fun, easy-to-follow, but always engaging. Edit well and use music if pertinent – hundreds of free tracks are available from the YouTube Audio Library.

Title  and categorize your video effectively, add relevant tags, and design an impactful custom thumbnail image to drive clickthroughs.

4. End Screen (3-6 seconds)


 Branded end screen with annotations to one or a selection of your other videos, and call to actions, e.g. visit website, subscribe, etc.

5. Out takes  (5-10 seconds)
Keep viewers regularly watching to the end with use of out takes or funny moment from your filming session. 


While there are no hard and fast rules to guarantee success for every YouTube video that gets published, the framework above will add the professionalism, structure, and consistency that resonates with audiences.