The Facebook Passion Page Project Part 2: The Big Reveal


Welcome to Part 2 of the Facebook Passion Page Project, in which I take you along with me on a ride in an attempt to build and monetise a successful Facebook Page. If you missed Part 1, do check it out here, as you'll learn about my reasoning for starting a Passion Page, and how they can be useful for any business or marketer. Now, though, it's time for the big reveal!

Exercise Motivation Quotes 


My Passion Page is Exercise Motivation Quotes . I deliberately kept the subject matter completely separate from my social media marketing "niche" so that there would be no audience crossover and so I could judge the progress (or lack thereof) of the Page as fairly as possible.

The Exercise Motivation Quotes Page was launched on June 14th, 2013, and the idea behind it is simple: to post images overlaid with quotes to help fans motivate themselves to start, or continue, to exercise and be healthy. 

As you can see from the Page's first ever cover photo above, the branding is targeted towards women, as my research ahead of the project revealed females to be the most likely to post and share this type of content. 

Content Strategy

Any search for "exercise motivation quotes" or "fitspiration quotes" will return countless images that receive a lot of engagement on social media from people who want encouragement to keep fit. If I wanted a slice of this market for myself, I needed to create original content... preferably quickly, cheaply, and easily! I settled on the kind of stuff you can see above; knocked up in Photoshop in a matter of minutes, visually appealing, and very shareable. Each post contains a written quote, and is branded with the Page's Facebook URL.

At present, I post twice a day - once in the morning and once in the early evening, both times that people are likely to be thinking about exercise. 

Launch strategy

Other than a plan to post consistently, Exercise Motivation Quotes' launch strategy involved nothing other than purchasing just one cheap Facebook ad, encouraging women who list their interests as exercise to like the Page. 


In around 10 days, I had spent just £22.50 ($36.50) and attracted 299 likes, enough to give the Page the kick start it needed. I have not spent any more money on promotion since.

Page growth and current statistics
Page Likes
June 14th 2013: Page launched
October 3, 2013: 3,386 fans.

     Post Reach
    Average post reach: 4,216.
    Average engagement rate: 7-9%

    Ads: $36.50



    Coming up... 

    In the next part of this series, I'll talk about my initial steps into monetising Exercise Motivation Quotes. Will I lift the page out of the red and turn a profit for the first time? Make sure you subscribe via RSS or follow me on social media to be notified when the next blog goes live! 


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