Can YouTube InVideo Programming Increase Subscribers? Early Signs Point to Yes!

YouTube's Invideo Programming is a relatively new feature that allows users to overlay a linked 'watermark' on their videos. When clicked by a viewer, it takes them to the video maker's channel page. The idea is that Invideo Programming will help to drive more subscribers and views, and keep people engaged with your content. By default, the watermarked image is your account's avatar, but crucially YouTube allows you to switch this out with any image you want.

As the screengrabs from my subscriber statistics show, in the full 7 days before Invideo Programming was added to my content (November 22 to November 29, 2012), I gained a net total of 10 new subscribers. In the week after Invideo Programming was added (November 30 to December 7, 2012), the net total gain in subscribers had risen to 23 - more than double the week before!

Admittedly, this is early days and there are a variety of factors that could have influenced a rise or gain in subscribers (new videos posted during the period I measured, old videos promoting new subscribers, luck, etc.), but the initial signs are very promising. I'll return to this topic again when I have a month to measure either side of adding InVideo Programming to see if the benefits hold up.

Have you added Invideo Programming to your YouTube videos? Have they made a difference to your subscribers or views?

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