5 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Multi-Product Ads For Business


Do you advertise on Facebook? Are you familiar with Facebook's multi-product ads?

Despite the "product" bit of the name, calling them "multi-image ads" might be more appropriate, as they can be used by all kinds of businesses, not just those selling products and services. In this blog post, I'll tell you what they are, why you should give them a try, and give 5 super useful strategies to help you maximise your investment when you set them up. Let's go!

What are Facebook multi-product ads?

Facebook multi-product ads are a new type of Facebook ad format that allows you to display between 3 and 5 images within a single ad unit in the desktop or mobile News Feed (traditional Facebook ads just show one). They're available to everyone via the main Facebook or Power Editor.  You've probably seen them crop up already; here's what they look like:

image: Facebook

image: Facebook

A multi-product ad features one main text section, and each image can be customised with its own headline and link  description. Desktop users can click on the arrow to move through the images, while mobile users simply swipe left and right to explore the different ad images.

What are the benefits of Facebook multi-product ads?

Early signs show that multi-product ads are generating above-average clickthrough rates and below average cost per clicks. In one case study published by Facebook, the e-commerce company, Nomorerack, saw its click-through-rates increase as much as 42% and its cost per acquisition decrease between 42% and 45%.

In another case study, Jewelscent reported that multi-product ads resulted in a 3x decrease in its cost-per-click rate, driving more customers to its website for less money.

These statistics are impressive, for sure. History tells us that the more familiar audiences become with an ad type, so its effectiveness will lessen. For that reason, why not give multi-product ads a shot while they're still a relative novelty?

5 Ways to Optimise Facebook Multi-Product Ads For Business

Now that you know what multi-products, and why brands are liking what they see with them so far, let's look at some strategies to make the most of them. Here are five ideas to show you how to use and optimize your multi-product ads on Facebook:

1. Show multiple products or offers

In the above example, Property Partner uses multi-product ads on Facebook to showcase a selection of the property investments that it has available. You might choose to highlight multiple products within a similar range, or use multiple images to show a single product from different angles. Don't forget, too, to combine multi-product ads with Website Custom Audiences to target individuals  into buying products related to ones that they have already purchased.

2. Display multiple features of a product or service


image: adespresso

AdEspresso uses multi-product ads to highlight the features of its service. Notice how each link's description compliments the headline nicely.

3. Focus on the order of your images

On desktop, the first two images of your multiple product ad will be on display right away (with users having to click to view the rest). On mobile, just the first image will be shown. Consider this fact when you create your ad; place your most important or visually appealing images in the first and second positions.

4. Make your ad unit visually appealing as a whole

images:  f  acebook

images: facebook

As much as multi-product ads focus on multiple product, it's important that your ad looks great as a cohesive whole. Ways to maximise this effect include using similar or complimentary colours across the images, shooting multiple photos from the same angle, or making multiple ad images blend into one another when placed side by side.

5. Make your call-to-action count

Unlike traditional Facebook News Feed ads, multiple product ads do not yet feature the ability to add the now-familiar - and prominent - call to action button. As such, you should use the main text of your ad to include one; tell viewers explicitly what you want them to do - click to shop, learn more, book a table,  claim a coupon, etc.

Over to you

Have you use Facebook's multi-product ads? Will you be experimenting with them in future? What results have you seen? Let me know in the comments below!

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