How to Optimize Facebook 'About' Section For Mobile Users


In my book, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips, I suggest that brands who have set up a page that is not  categorized their page as a Local Business, should include clickable links and a call to action in the 'About' section of their Facebook page, as it appears front and centre for all visitors to their page to see - and hopefully click on! 

Then, the other day I noticed a curious difference between the way that the Facebook 'About' section displays on desktop compared to its mobile app. 


Here's the 'About' section on Facebook for desktop. There's three lines of text on display, and I've squeezed in two clickable URLS to purchase my book on and 


To see the full 'About' section, a user must click through. As you can see, there are a further two lines here, with clickable links to the paperback version of my book. 


Now, here's the mobile version of my page. As you can see, unlike the desktop version of Facebook, the About section displays in its entirety. On the iPhone 4S, this works out at about six lines of text - although I'm sure there is an exact character limit. I did try to add even more text, but this is the maximum that Facebook would allow. 

The benefits here are obvious - everything you want to say about your business in the About section will be seen my mobile viewers, whether that be a blurb about you, or multiple links to products and offerings.  And with the number of people access Facebook via mobile skyrocketing, I'd urge you to make the most of all this space has to offer you!


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