How to Use Photos of You on Instagram For Business Marketing

Instagram has rolled out a new feature called "Photos of You," a way for users - businesses included - to tag people, businesses, and products in their photos on the app very similar to how tagging works on Facebook.

Nike tags a photo on Instagram using the Photos of You feature.

For example, when Nike posts a photo of an athlete to its Instagram account, it can tag the photo so that the athlete can (if they wish) also add the photo to their stream, engaging the followers on Nike and of the athelete, and increasing the total amount of photo views. Individuals can tag their favourite brands in their own photos, and these could be picked up and shared on a brand's own feed.

Photos Of You gives brands a new level of consumer reach on Instagram,  driving them to interact directly with the brands and businesses they follow.

Will you be using Photos Of You on your own Instagram account? Let me know in the comments below!


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