How to Use Vine App's Ghost Mode | Ghosting on Vine Tips

In the last major update for Twitter's Vine app, the Ghost feature was introduced. But what is it for and how should you best use it? Here's the low down:

The primary benefit of the ghost feature on Vine is for when you are creating time-lapse or stop-motion videos. With the ghost feature switched on - just tap the little ghost icon in the bottom-right corner of the app - the end point of your last recording snippet will overlay the "live" scene, as in the pic above.

With the ghost mode on, you will much more easily be able to line up your stop-motion animation shots, without the guesswork that might ruin the finished video. 

Somewhat ironically - I was in a rush to get this video recorded! - there is a noticeable jump in the position of the camera in the resulting Vine video used to demonstrate this technique, embedded above. Of course, with a little more time, patience, and a tripod, you could make much better use of the ghost mode!