9 Eye-Catching Photo Ideas For Instagram That Your Business Needs to Try (With Real Examples)

9 Eye-Catching Photo Ideas For Instagram That Your Business Needs to Try (With Real Examples)

9 Eye-Catching Photo Ideas For Instagram That Your Business Needs to Try (With Real Examples)

Has your Instagram marketing stalled? Looking for fresh new ideas to spark the attention of your audience? Read on.

If there's one social network where one-upmanship rules more than any other, it's Instagram - a hub for creative, eye-catching content creators - brands included. With the recent algorithm change forcing brands to rock their Instagram game more than ever before, here are 9 Captivating Photo Ideas For Instagram That Your Business Should Try.

1. Multiple product shots, multiple angles, one line

When an Instagram user sees your content in their feed, or in search, you'd hope that they'll click through to your full profile to see what else you have to offer. With this in mind, take advantage of Instagram's three-across photo layout to showcase a product in multiple angles.

Rolex consistently uses this approach to showcase its fancy timepieces, as you can see in the example above.

2. Multiple separate posts, one huge image banner

For a twist on the the multiple-posts-for-bigger-impact approach, it is possible to post multiple photos, which don't mean much on their own, but form one large banner ad in your Instagram's profile feed when viewed all together. In the above example, K-Swiss uses this technique to promote one of its products. Each caption of the 6 separate images provides a different piece of trivia about K-Swiss' history.

Of course, you could extend this approach as far as you like. Beware, though, that you could risk spamming your followers with unfathomable content if you go too far with it. 6 is a good target, and I'd say 9 - a nice square, is acceptable, too.

3. Disrupt with white space

In my book, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips, I advise against making your Instagram feed look like the pages of a catalogue; full of bland product images and price tags. However, the odd snap that disrupts the norm and catches the eye as a result of its simplicity - like in the example from BIRIM above - I have plenty of time for. Sometimes less is definitely more. 

4. Intrigue with ultra close-ups

5. Introduce a mascot

Just over half-way through, and here's a weird one for you. Mascots can come across as pretty naff and try-hard, but catered to your audience in the right way (subtle is probably best!), they might just become a much-loved and compelling element of your branding. Just look how cute Paint Zen's is... 

When you're shooting a product, the most natural idea is to plonk it in the middle of the frame in a nice, staged setting, and snap away. This approach definitely has a place, but when you're catering to a mobile audience, sometimes an ultra close-up - to highlight one particular feature, the material, craftsmanship, etc. can make more of an impact. Why not combine a close-up shot with several other angles to make an across-line collage from tip number one?

6. Split-screen collage

This one - combining two photos to make one cohesive image is tricky to pull of - I'm not even sure if Starbucks has managed it above, to be honest. But if the idea is there and the execution is spot-on, split-screening can go quite some way to impressing your fanbase.

7. 4-way split

chopsticks for the brave. forks for the eager. spoons for the slurpers #decisionsdecisions

A photo posted by wagamama_uk (@wagamama_uk) on

I actually think the four-way split is a little underused by brands. Sure, the ideas for one won't come as naturally as for a single image, but done right - as a way to tell a story via each individual frame, give options to a question (for fans to answer in the comments), etc., it can really work well.

8. A consistent blueprint

This tip is kind of Instagram 101, but I had to include it in the list. If you are able to conjure up a photo idea that resonates with your audience - and repeat it consistently - chances are that your images will jump out at them in their feeds: make yourself known for it. Check out how Pura Vida Bracelets utilizes this technique above. They never post these themed images in a row (always mix it up with other photos), but when they do, the pattern is the same - top down, wrist across, shoes in view.

9. Play with texture

Happy Friday! We're celebrating the start of a long weekend with these ☁️ treats.

A photo posted by Salesforce (@salesforce) on

Experimenting with texture in the odd post can add some variety and interest your Instagram feed, particularly if it goes against the pre-conceived notions of your brand. In the above example, Salesforce (powerful work apps for business) uses cakes to add playfulness to its end-of-week post.

Over to you

Have these ideas inspired you to up your Instagram game? Will you be experimenting with some of them, or do you have others to share? Let me know in the comments below!

Andrew Macarthy is a social media consultant and the author of the #1 Amazon Web Marketing Bestseller, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips.

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