5 Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for Social Media (To Make Your Customers Love You Just A Little Bit More)

5  Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for Social Media (To Make Your Customers Love You Just A Little Bit More)

5  Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for Social Media (To Make Your Customers Love You Just A Little Bit More)

Valentine's Day is one of the most lucrative holidays for businesses, a fantastic opportunity to show your customers how much you appreciate their support and ongoing relationship with you, and strengthen those bonds even further. Here are five simple ideas to help give your fans a warm, fuzzy feeling on social media this February 14th:

1. Design a Valentine's card or graphic

Declaring love for your customers on Valentine's Day needn't require a physical card. Fire up Photoshop or Canva (which is offering a number of free Valentines-themed templates) to design a graphic or "card" for your fans. Be it sentimental, tongue-in-cheek, or funny, make it genuine and brand-centric.

2. Offer a discount code or hold and event

Valentine's Day promotions are always a popular choice amongst retailers and businesses, so consider offering a social media-exclusive discount code or hosting a one-day event to mark the occasion: 14% off (for February 14th) or a special deal on a love-themed item, service or last minute gift are just two easy examples.

3. Give to a good cause

One of the main aims of a successful social media marketer is to become a regular and desired fixture in the feeds (and therefore daily lives) of your fans. To demonstrate how your brand shares in their values and beliefs, use Valentine's Day as a way to show love to a cause that you all believe in, e.g. a toy retailer giving to a local children's hospital, or a coffee brewer upping the share of profits it shares with producers. 

4. Randomly treat a few customers

Offers and discount codes are great for showering gifts on everyone, but nothing does more to make a customer feel special - and make them want to share the story with their friends - than going the extra mile to treat them as a true individual. This could be as simple as a hand-written thank you note, an extra little Valentine's goody with an order, or sharing the story of a customer who really sticks out in your mind.

5. Don't forget the single people!

While Valentine's Day places a huge spotlight on the love between couples, there are millions of single people out there who - aware of the over-the-top significance given to the occasion - are made to feel left our or proudly announce their ambivalence. Take advantage of this subset of your audience with special offers and discounts, e.g. for those who choose to dine alone or by offering items normally sold in multiples as single items.

Over to you

Will you be doing anything special for Valentine's Day on your social media profiles? Will you be using any of the ideas above? Let me know in the comments below!

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