How to Make Video Playlists and Add A Featured Video on Facebook Pages

How to Make Video Playlists and Add A Featured Video on Facebook Pages

How to Make Video Playlists and Add A Featured Video on Facebook Pages

In my last blog post, I talked about how 2015 is going to be the year of video on Facebook, and shared five strategies for making the most of clips uploaded to your business Page. As if to demonstrate the case further, Facebook has now rolled out two new video features for brands - featured videos and playlists.

Creating featured videos and playlists is super easy - doing so will encourage more eyes on your most important content, and keep fans and customers watching your clips for longer. Let's take a look at how it's done, starting with featured videos:

If you have visited your business Page's Video tab recently, you might have spotted the new additions:

A featured video - like on YouTube channels - will display prominently at the top of your videos tab.

Simply select the video that you want to feature on your video tab, then click "Add Featured video."

Below is how the featured video appears when enabled. If you want to switch to a new featured video, edit the description and other details of the existing one, or just remove it completely, just select an option from the pencil menu.

Unlike other videos you have uploaded, your featured video can be played, liked, commented on, or shared, direct from the videos tab.

To create a playlist of related videos, hit the "Create a A Playlist" button and enter the title and description (optional).

As with selecting a featured video, simply click on the videos that you would like to add to your playlist. You can add up to a maximum of 25 videos to any single playlist.

On the next screen, you can re-arrange the selected videos into any order you wish. Simply click and drag on the videos to switch them around.

Below is how a completed playlist appears on your Video tab. Again, use the pencil icon and drop-down menus to add or remove videos, reorder them, edit playlist details, delete the collection, or create additional playlists.

Over to you

Will you be adding a featured video and playlists to your collection of Facebook videos? It'll be interesting to see how engagement and viewership is affected with these new functions, so keep a close eye on your Facebook Insights!

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