5 Awesome Facebook Video Ideas Your Business Should Try (Abel & Cole Case Study)

Are you producing video content for Facebook and other social networks? With image posts reaching something of a saturation point, videos are a relatively fresh way to break through the clutter and get your brand noticed.

Here are some recent video statistics, especially related to Facebook:

  •  Facebook now sees 100 million hours of daily video watch time.
  • Facebook generates 8 billion video views every day. 
  • Socialbakers’ data revealed that the average organic reach of videos uploaded directly to Facebook was more than twice that of photos - an increase in organic reach of 135%.

Abel & Cole is a provider of fresh seasonal organic fruit and veg, meat and household essentials, it does a really nice job of producing high quality, unique, and engaging video content for social media - not as much the ideas, but in the execution. In this blog post, I've picked out five examples of different short videos from Abel & Cole. I hope they will help to inspire you to make your own video content, so let's take a look:

1. Quick Tips (one shot)

Here, Abel & Cole shares three ideas for pickling food, all in a single frame. With the composition of ingredients already laid out, only a title "slide" and annotations needed to be added (along with some music) for a quick, quirky and fun way to share information.

2. Guess the amount competition

Everyone's familiar with the "guess how many X in the jar" competitions you see in shops and at fairs, but have you ever thought to host one - through video - on social media? Sticking to it's foody theme, Able & Cole asks fans to comment and guess how many cashew nuts have been dropped into the jar, for a chance to win a snack box. Dropping nuts into a jar like this makes for a much more engaging piece of content than a static image.

3. Creative newsjacking

One of the easiest ways to keep your content fresh is to play on current events, especially if you can put a twist on it to reflect your brand's purpose and personality. In this example, Abel & Cole takes advantage of the annual London Fashion Week to transform fruit and veg into catwalk models, while pushing its message for use of organic produce.

4. Share a funny

How's this for simple yet effective? It's Christmas, and turkeys make a funny noise. Here's them making it in a large group!

5. Promoting a product

If you're pumping out great content daily and your fans appreciate it what you do, you'll earn the right to publish a promotional piece every now and again. Whether its organic, a paid ad (or a combination of both), putting a little effort into making it something worth watching can make all the difference. As well as tempting shots of its produce, notice how Able & Cole's ad for its veg box can be viewed and understood without sound,

Over to you

Have these ideas inspired you to create new videos for Facebook and other social media? Let me know in the comments below.

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