How to Add Paragraphs To Instagram Captions In 3 Easy Steps

I've recently started using Instagram more actively, and often find myself typing out quite a bit of text in the caption field to help explain the image I am posting. Once hashtags are added, the wall of text can begin to look unsightly, and unreadable. I'm sure plenty of you have experienced the same!

While Instagram does not recognise when you add in a new line for a paragraph, there is an easy enough way around the problem, and your captions will be looking neater in no time.

Here's how to add paragraphs to Instagram captions in  3 easy steps:

1. Don't write your captions in Instagram

As you know, publishing an Instagram caption (even if you include the paragraph spaces) will always result in all of your text being mushed together in one big chunk - as above. So, don't write your captions in Instagram, type them out in your phone's Notes app instead.

2. Don't use emoji at the start or end of paragraphs

In a weird formatting glitch, if your caption text contains emoji at the start or end of paragraphs, they will prevent this trick from working. So, feel free to use them within paragraphs, but not at the beginning or the end like in the image above.;

3. Remove extra spaces

The last important rule is to remove any extra blank spaces at the end of your paragraphs. If any remain, again, this trick will not work.

All that's left to do is copy and paste your completed caption into Instagram, then publish your photo. Sit back, relax, and admire your work!

Over to you

Will you be using this trick to spruce up your own Instagram captions? Let me know in the comments below!

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