3 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Direct For Business


The roll out of Instagram Direct allows users to share photos and videos with a specific person or a group of up to 15 people, opening up a way for brands to communicate with their customers and fans that has sorely been missing from the app.

After sending, you’ll be able to find out who’s seen your photo or video, see who’s liked it and watch your recipients commenting in real time. Photos and videos that you receive from people you follow will appear immediately. If someone you’re not following sends you a photo or video on Instagram, it will be held in your requests until you decide if you want to view it.

Here are 3 ways that brands can utilise Instagram Direct...

1. Sharing exclusive coupons

Instagram Direct allows you to send exclusive coupons to your customers. Who you choose to send them to can be selected randomly, by new followers (identified via the Notifications feed), or those who post a photo or video with a specific hashtag.

2. Handling customer service issues

Up until now, brands were forced to handle customer service issues within the comments section on Instagram, but they can now be dealt with more privately using instagram Direct.

3. Holding contests

With fans now able to contact you directly, all sorts of fun and games can be had. Contest ideas include first to reply wins, first to take a certain photo wins, or a scavenger hunt where clues are sent out to followers who choose to take part.

What other ways can you see Instagram Direct being used by businesses?

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