Social Media Calender Template Excel 2014 | Editorial Planner for Social Media


Looking for a social media content calendar template to download for Excel? I first offered on last year, but it was, admittedly, a little basic - certainly usable, but perhaps not as robust as many businesses require. So now, here's my new and improved social media editorial calender template for Excel. Check it out after the break...

Here it is, my latest social media content calendar template:


For each of the main social networks, there is space for you to plan:

  • Time of post.
  • Content type (text, image, video, etc.) 
  • Any accompanying copy.
  • Any accompaning hashtags.
  • The post's author.
  • If the post is approved for submission (if applicable).

The basic template is still there too, on its own separate tab.


Here's how I put the calendar to use:

  • Open up the calendar and enter the date. 
  • Add/Remove the social media channels you use. 
  • Fill in the planned social media content for each day.
  • Highlight all the cells of each day to mark them as the activity being completed. 
  • Duplicate the calendar into a new worksheet to plan out a new day.

Download the social media content calendar: click here.

The benefits of a social media content calendar

An editorial calendar will allow you to plan for weeks - or even months - in advance, the content you will be posting to social media. This foresight will prevent you from posting randomly and inconsistently, and also allow you to build themes into the updates you post, by week, month, and season. 

Of course, spontaneous posting to social media still has a place, but for the real meat and potatoes of your marketing strategy, a content calendar is very much advised. 


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