5 Brands Using Instagram Video Effectively for Business


Since launching in mid 2013, a number of brands have experimented with use of video on Instagram as a way to market to their customer base. The app's huge and loyal audience makes it a fantastic destination to focus efforts. Here are a selection of companies using Instagram video well...

EA Sports

Ever since Instagram enabled the ability for users to import any video into the app, many brands - like EA Sports above - have used this freedom to create as lavish a clip as they like outside of the app, then transfer it to the app for posting.


Oreo's social media marketing is lauded in professional circles and loved by fans, and this strategy now extends to Instagram video. In the example above, the cookie-maker uses a short clip to show fans how to make Oreo Freeze Pops. 


The TV shopping channel giants, QVC, are beginning to use Instagram video as a way to tease its audience with items and ranges that are to appear on their screens shortly, as in the example above. 


Away from simply promoting its wares, eBay uses Instagram video in the above example to highlight its association with charitable work, giving its Instagram followers a sneak peak at DC Comics art work being auctioned off for good causes. 


Rather than a full-on, in-your-face advert, Honda's Instagram video above encourages fans to better themselves every day with its #BestYourself hashtag... of course, driving a Honda will make a huge difference to their success ;) 


Brands like those above are starting to realise the possibilities that video on Instagram provides and beginning to develop a well-considered strategy based on its opportunities, with video length, type of video, audience attention span, and plenty of other factors imperative to a clip's success or failure.

Do you use Instagram video in your social media marketing? What are your best tips and techinques? Let me know in the comments below!