Awesome Hashtag Shortcut Trick for Instagram; Create Instant Hashtag Lists

Always typing out the same bunch of hashtags on Instagram? If you're like me, typing the same "base" group of hashtags out for every post (even with the pre-populated list that appears) can be a bit of a drag. Need a time-saver? Here's a way to add as many hashtags as you like to your caption in a second, using text shortcuts.

Note: This method works for iPhone, but I'd guess there is a  similar function for Android too.

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5 Instagram Hacks to Publish Perfect Photos Every Time

With summer now in full swing, I've taken the opportunity to relaunch my activity on Instagram. The app has seen a lot of big changes over the past year or so, including some nifty hidden features that you might not have noticed; tools that can vastly improve the quality of the photos you publish to your Instagram feed. Here are 5 Instagram Hacks to Publish Perfect Photos Every Time...

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