Vine vs Instagram: Which app is the best for video and marketing?

The introduction of video sharing to Instagram has blown the micro-video sharing market right open, dealing a hefty blow to Twitter's Vine. If you're a marketer with limited time and budget, which of the two apps should you go for?  Below, I compare the main differences between Vine and Instagram in a number of key areas.

Recording time

Vine: Maximum record time of six seconds, minimum time of about two seconds.

Instagram: Maximum record time of 15 seconds, minimum record time of three seconds.

Video editing

Vine: No editing features; once you've started to record, it's an all or nothing take.

Instagram: Each snippet of video recorded within the 15-second limit is given its own separate section on a video bar. Users can delete the previous video snippets in sequence, but can't pick and choose from them all.

Video thumbnails

Vine: Video thumbnail is the first frame of the clip.

Instagram: Users can choose a Cover Frame to show off their video in the best light in video feeds and search results.

Video filters

Vine: No video filters available. If users want to employ filters and lighting effects, they must create them themselves.

Instagram: The app is renowned for its filters, and the video feature adds over a dozen for users to utilise.


Vine: Cannot manually re-focus during filming. Tapping the screen as if to focus causes the app to record.

Instagram: The app's separate record button leaves the screen free for you to tap to focus your depth of field between shots.

Image Stabilisation

Vine: No image stabilisation function; users can utilise tripods and dollies to generate smooth recording.

Instagram: The app features the Cinema mode, which - as best as it can - turns wobbly footage into something a lot more stable.

Social sharing

Vine: Allows instant video sharing to Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram: Allows instant video sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Tumblr, Foursquare, and to a Photo Map.



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